The C-Bow bag holder is made to take a variety of Hepco&Becker bags, depending on the motorcylce model. Softbags for sporty, dynamic motorcycles and saddlebags for choppers and cruisers can be attached to the motorcycle with the C-Bow holder. Its elegant, unobtrusive design fits perfectly into the vehicles overall lines. Naturally, it keeps saddlebags safely away from the hot exhaust muffler. Modern C-Bow technology allows the right bags to be attached simply and easily to the C-Bow with a single click, firmly locking them to deter theft. The bags are attached securely to the motorcycle and stay in position even when loaded. On many models, the turn signals stay in their original position. Please check manual for more info.
special carrier only for Hepco&Becker C-Bow bags and boxes
normal Hepco&Becker hard luggage does not fit
Krauser K-Wing hard luggage does not fit
easy mounting
delivery: right side, left side, mounting kit, manual
recommended load: 5kg per bag (please check manual or motorcycle manufacturer for more info)
can mostly be combined to topcasecarrier, sissybars or other rear carrier (please check manual or bike specific info)
rear rack enlargements can possibly restrict the function of the bags
Suitable for : Yamaha FZ 1 from 2006
Compatible with following models
Please check mounting instructions for more info
Item no. : 6304522 00 01
EAN : 4042545526320
Vehicle specific information : Please check mounting instructions for more info
Weight : 3.3 kg

開店祝い 2006 from 1 FZ Yamaha サイドキャリア C-Bow Hepco&Becker | 01 00 6304522-パニアケース・サイドボックス